About Us

Caban and David Rhodes 
Save the Honeybee Foundation is organized to create a honeybee and medicinal plant sanctuary to provide toxin-free habitat for honeybees, and to develop a beekeeping philosophy and methodology that do not stress the hive. As part of our mission, we will teach this philosophy and these methods to students and apprentices, as well as work to increase honeybee awareness in the overall public. Please contact us and see our listings for workshops and other events on this website.
Caban is a honeybee mystic, herbalist, intentional gardener, teacher, musician and vibrational medicine therapist. David is a honeybee lover, writer, intentional gardener and musician. 
David and Caban have a loving, devoted, playful relationship that creates the balanced foundation for their work together with bees, gardening and music. Together, their world devotional music is offered as an intentional healing prayer.
Save the Honeybee Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in the state of Oregon. We accept donations from private and public sources. All donations are tax deductible.