Holistic Beekeeping

"There is no single bee--as there is no single human being."
--Michael Thiele, Holistic Beekeeper, Melissa Garden

"The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve but a reality to experience."
--Frank Herbert 
Part of our mission is to develop and utilize holistic beekeeping methods that do not stress the hive. Through our mystical, relational approach to the bees, and by utilizing heart-centered perception and communication, we have and will continue to develop these methods. 
Within the sanctuary, honeybees will live in hives with natural honeycomb and minimal foundation designed to allow the honey harvest and observation of the hive to occur with minimal disturbance to the bees. The bees will both forage from, and receive "biodynamic teas" from the medicinal herbs and plants in the sanctuary. Queens will be raised by the bees themselves, according to the natural instincts of the hive. We will not manipulate the drone population. Sugar or other imitation hive foods will never be fed to the bees. We will use vitalistic and biodynamic approaches to the treatment of varroa mites and other honeybee dis-ease states. 
In addition, we will use sound healing therapies to help restore honeybee health to hives, including tuning forks, mantras/chanting, reiki, didjeridoo and other instrumental vehicles for sacred sound.
These holistic beekeeping techniques were developed from within our own apprenticeship relationship with the bees and are closely aligned with the practices of the "Melissa Garden" and "Spikenard Farm and Apiary." (see Links page)