"It all boils down to the question of whether we dare to consider the bees' own needs or only our own. The difference is vast. A healing won't be accomplished without sacrifices on our part."
--Gunther Hauk, author of Toward Saving the Honeybee
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  This is the Homepage of Save The Honeybee Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to raising honeybee awareness, developing and teaching holistic beekeeping methods, and providing pristine habitat for honeybees.

Honeybees are responsible for the pollination of the majority of the food crops that humanity has come to rely on. Without these essential pollinators our food supply would be seriously threatened. Bees also give us honey, beeswax and propolis.
Honeybee hives have been dying out in increasingly alarming numbers for over a decade now. We believe (and research is beginning to corroborate) that the solution to the world-wide honeybee crisis is to reduce the environmental toxins affecting the bees, and to transform beekeeping methods that stress the hive. These actions support the restoration of the natural immune response of the bees to the diseases that are plaguing them. 
Environmental Toxins + Stress = Compromised Immune Response
There is so much happening these days in relation to honeybees and other pollinators that it is difficult to keep up. Please check our "What's New" section from time to time for links to important articles and other relevant information.
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