Holistic Beekeeping
Heart-Centered Perception
 "Nature is both the creator of man and his greatest teacher. Sensitivity, reason, and understanding...all can be manifested only through sympathy with nature."
--Masanobu Fukuoka
Our Honeybee Sanctuary is located on a secluded piece of land in rural Benzie County, Michigan. This sanctuary will serve as a place for healing and protection for all pollinators, especially Honeybees, with whom we share a special bond.
Ongoing activities on site include sound healing, deep study with the bees and plants, teaching, and heart-centered awakening. The land is also host to an active organic farm, focused on perennials such as fruits, nuts, berries, and medicinal herbs. 
As a sanctuary, we honor the sacredness of all life and we intend to walk the path of beauty, love and gratitude with balance.
Please contact us if you believe you can help in supporting the sanctuary.
Mahalo and Blessings!